DanWelcome to Invisible Forces, I am DC the author or as I would like to say the writer. My book is a story told by me as to how I see our modern world. People who know me will be wondering why my book is for sale on the web, the answer is simple, people see this site as my book shop in 2013.

Many years ago before I opened my office, a friend introduced me to her son, Mike he’s 17 and never had a job in his life, why? He’s lazy, are you? Yes, really. Do you want to work? I don’t know, I said the power of your mind is needed here and now, otherwise I can’t help you. Hey look at me and listen, do you want a job? Yes or no. Give me your attention and if in 1 week nothing happens you have lost nothing, right, OK. I put my right palm on his right hand boy was I shocked something shot out of me into his hand going up his arm to his head and down his left side, his eyes went totally blue, the hairs on his arms stood up, you could see something happening to this kid. I moved my hand and to my amazement he said you have just woken me up, was I asleep? No, yes I think you were. When he left he was a different person, definitely not the boy who turned up earlier.

The following section of this story was told to me by Mike’s girlfriend 1 week later. I don’t know why but he woke up at 6am, exactly at 6am, normally he can’t even get up at 9:30am he just got ready and ran outside and started looking for work. His girlfriend said and you won’t believe this he left without his shoes and socks, yes barefoot. Then within 2 days Mike had a job, 1 week later he came to see me. Hi Mike, Hi DC, listen I have changed; I want a car a home and a family. Oh really, next week I have a job interview with a bridge building team, what do you think? You will get the job, do you want the job? Oh yes! I touched him for good luck he gave me a few gold coins and left. Today Mike has a new car and a house. However the most important thing, he got the job and is now the foreman of people who have been there for over 20 years. All that it took was a little energy from me to get this kid on track the human touch. Now this just happened, I didn’t know that I was an energetic, maybe after all those years of being sick I enhanced another part of me.

People who have the ability to energise other people also have the ability to pick up unwanted frequencies. In other words they could be sitting next to something on the other side of the wall and have to get up and leave; simply put I can tell when something is causing me problems way before I see it. Being an energetic is not easy in the modern world for me and many others.

I will be the one sitting with pen and paper not an ipad or a smart phone. Some say when I write and draw anything they can feel the energy from the paper an invisible force.  Remember sometimes it is not what you see but the invisible force you feel in silence. Let’s say you believe in the power of real magic and not just illusions. Then suppose I told you I put a little magic in the book. And all you have to do is invoke Incantusatubius, really, yes, really. There is a section of the book which is extremely old and powerful; yes capt’n there is mmm “high seas”.

My book is the only book of its kind in the world. There are no excerpts or pictures or any other part of the book for you to see, except the paranormal cover, as claimed by many. The energy remains hidden under the very cover it is bound by. The book is about the invisible forces at play in our modern world. The book as told by me in my own way, the hidden secrets of gold with a little twist.

Oh! And don’t forget the magic.