After experiencing the effects of Invisible Forces in my own world, I wrote this book.

Many years ago I was just like everybody else going to college looking forward to the future. My life was normal, then I started to get sick, to the point I was losing my hair, getting fat, my nails started to crack and my vision was blurry. Something was wrong!

When I put my hand on a computer mouse the hair on my arm would start to rise and then my fingers would start to hurt. I became a sensitive; I couldn’t cope with my environment I was getting worse. I had no choice but to seek medical help, doctors, specialists, herbalists, you name it I went there.

I couldn’t work I was running out of money. One day after sitting at the doctor’s office, I thought what if I wrote down everything I did, what then? So I started to write where I slept, what I ate, how many times I used a computer and a microwave oven and so on my everyday routine. As a result of these notes I implemented changes, a brand new routine. Then a massive change started to appear in me. My hair started to grow, my nails stopped cracking, my eyes started to clear and the weight just fell off.

Before I knew it people started to ask what are you doing. How was I getting better? I looked so different, younger.

I continued to write my notes and started to keep them in order, eventually I had enough information to write several books. I started giving certain sections of my notes to my clients; to help with their environment, they noticed a big difference in their worlds.

As I travelled I saw the impact of Invisible Forces in the Modern World on everyday people and I was astounded.

So I wrote the book “Invisible Forces, Modern World” for everyone to read.

“This is no ordinary book”

Invisible Forces Modern World has its own energy, and needs to be held in the palm of your hand. This form of energy will not come to you in any other way than in my book, wrapped in its own magical cover.