I read Invisible Forces - Modern World early in 2013, this book changed my behavior. The subject being of one man’s journeys through out the world helping sick, some times dying people in a way I would have never considered. The ailments not caused by bacteria or virus but by coveted high tech devices, the ones that we pride ourselves to posses. Creatively Daniel Chandra’s Invisible Forces - Modern  World sets up a gantlet of challenges besetting us all, then puts them on a table, like a cookie, your able to take a bite out of at will. In a humorous way Daniel informs of the problems, tells of rejections and acceptances of his advice, both from common people and clients. Thus giving the reader results of these encounters, mainly health to those who heed to his commonsensical and pure suggestions. (Physician Heal Thyself) is probably what I realized most about Daniel Chandra’s compunction towards sharing his knowledge. He suffered in his early years from such influences with no one to help, he healed himself and now he’s here for us. A truly humane man in an increasingly non humane technological environment that is advancing daily. After consuming Invisible Forces – Modern World, I made adjustments in my living spaces. One, my son nine years old Samuel had nose bleeds, but only at night in bed. The doctors were non informative to the reasons why and offered no remedy, the nose bleeds continued. Come to realize Sammy slept directly above most of our high tech devices i.e. wi-fi router, computer, and cell phone charging location. These devices were constantly communicating with satellites and the signals were directed through my son as he slept. Sam has no more nose bleeds and no more such invisible influences on his body, this alone made Invisible Forces - Modern World set high in my book case. It is written in a way for everybody to understand and the illustrations help one to visualize the challenges besetting us all. From the college student I met that was considering his first apartment, that had 30 smart meters on the outside wall servicing all the units and a power substation just beyond that. To the youngster that wants to sleep with their cell phone under the pillow so to return a late night text. This information is crucial to the vulnerably uninformed person that has blind trust in such modern technologies. This book should be in everyone’s hands and makes a great caring gift.

- Joseph Madsen